Propel Strategy

A clear roadmap of targeted improvements to help your business achieve its goals.


You have a website that is supposed to help your business grow. But is it providing you with the steady stream of new qualified leads and customers that your business relies on?

If it is not, how do you know what to improve? You are running a small business and can't afford an expert to work with you month in month out to improve your website.

What if there was a way that you could implement improvements yourself and you knew exactly what to change and why? What if you had a plan for success?

A Website Strategy will give a you with a clear roadmap of targeted improvements. Improvements to help your business achieve its goals, whether it be get more qualified leads, build a bigger email list or get more customers. You can stop wondering what to do next and start acting to improve your business.


How it works

  • Discovery Interview: We start off with a discovery interview to discuss your business needs and how improvements to your website can help reach them. We talk about your priorities, budget and any constraints you have.
  • Website Audit: We will audit your website and identify parts that can be improved. We will look for SEO holes that reduce the chances of getting found online and conversion holes that reduce the number of sales or signups. We will analyse your analytics and website layout to discover what can be optimised.

  • Email Marketing Audit: We will audit your current email marketing setup and call to actions throughout your website. We will review email metrics such as opt in rates, open rates, unsubscribe rates and the frequency and type of emails being sent. We will be specifically looking for: Changes to the site and call to actions that encourage more people to signup; Automating some of the emails so that subscribers always get them; Creating specific email courses around specialist areas; A strategy to create fans and sales from consistent emails with the right mix of educational and sales emails

  • Actionable Report: You will get an actionable report with all of our findings and a roadmap of improvements that you can make to both your website and email marketing funnel.

  • Q&A consultation: We will discuss the actionable report with you and answer any questions that you have
  • Followup consultation: One month later, we will discuss how you are getting on with making the improvements and answer any further questions you have.

There are three pricing options available:

  • Option 1 - Website audit & strategy: £700.
  • Option 2 - Email audit & strategy: £700.
  • Option 3 - Website & email audit & strategy: £1200.

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