Propel Teardown

Get at least 10 high impact changes you can make right away and a 60 minute consult. 

You have a website that is supposed to help your business grow. But is it providing you with the steady stream of new qualified leads and customers that your business relies on?

If it is not, how do you know what to improve? You are running a small business and can't afford an expert to work with you month in month out to improve your website.

What if there was a way that you could implement improvements yourself and you knew exactly what to change and why? What if you had a plan for success?

Propel Teardown an actionable report of at least 10 high impact things that you can change on your website and a 60 minute consultation. The consultation will be action focused around the website teardown, content/marketing strategy and email marketing strategy.

How it works

  • Application: Submit an application, including a link to your website. I'll review your website and let you know if I think the teardown will deliver value to your business 
  • Schedule: We will schedule a time for the 60 minute consultation. 
  • Teardown: I will conduct the teardown of your website
  • 60 minute consultation: We will jump on the phone and discuss the results of the teardown and you will have the opportunity to ask questions.
  • Actionable Report: You will get an actionable report with a summary of the consultation and the 10 high impact things you can change on your website right away 


Propel Teardown is available for a fee of £275.

Apply for Propel Teardown