Propel Website & Strategy

Grow your business with a results driven website & strategy

Building, maintaining and marketing a great website is hard. It is even harder to ensure that your website will deliver results for your business. Most websites do not deliver to their full potential.

Frequently they:

  • Are not optimised for quality or relevant search traffic
  • Are not optimised to deliver your business the leads, sales or opt ins that it needs
  • Are more difficult to add and manage content to than they need to be
  • Require more manual work than desired
  • Don't come with a marketing plan to actually help your business grow

What if your website actually delivered the leads and revenue that your business deserves? What if you found web professionals who not only understood business and marketing, but cared deeply about making yours more successful? People who took pride in being professional, reliable and loyal to you, the client? People who want to build a lasting relationship with you, so you have support now and in the future?

We do things differently. We go beyond simple requirements or pure aesthetics and build the strategy and website that your business actually needs. We then work with you on an ongoing basis to advise you on how to create fresh content, get more traffic from search engines and other websites, build an email list that delivers and continuously improve the proportion of visitors who become qualified leads. We also keep you covered with quality top tier hosting and a super easy system to edit your content.

Laying the foundation for success - This is a streamlined process offering you maximum value for money and return on investment. 

Stage 1: Strategy 

We start off with a consultation to discuss your business. We uncover your needs and set goals for the project. We talk about your priorities, budget and any constraints you have.

We design a strategy for your website that is geared entirely around delivering on your goals. The strategy includes how to attract traffic and convert it to qualified leads

Stage 2: Website Design and Build

We plan and build you a website that is geared around the needs and goals of your business.

  • We design a  layout for your website that is geared entirely around delivering on your goals.
  • We build the website and bring it all to life.
  • We show you the website and make further tweaks (if required)
  • We provide training on how you can add and edit the content on your website. We conduct a strategy workshop on how to use your new website to business advantage.
  • We launch the website!

Stage 3: Ongoing support, hosting and advice

It doesn't end there because a website alone is not enough. We work with you each and every month to ensure your website delivers real results for your business. 

All customers get the base plan which includes:

  • Top tier hosting
  • Advanced content management system making it easy for you to edit and add content on your website
  • Premium guides packed with advice on how to grow your business online
  • Goal Tracking Dashboard: shows you how your website is performing against the goals that we set

There are additional monthly support and optimisation available. We will put together a custom plan that is suitable for your business and budget constraints.

Summary - You get:

  • Bespoke website geared around helping your business grow
  • Strategy on how you can market your business online
  • Top tier, super fast, hosting
  • Ability to easily add and edit content with our content management system
  • Training workshop
  • Monthly goal tracking dashboard
  • Followup consultation and Q&A one month after launch

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